Nonprofit Organizations in Nashville, Tennessee: Addressing Issues Related to Aging and Senior Citizens

The West End Home Foundation is devoted to enhancing the lives of older adults by investing in nonprofit organizations that address their special needs. Our partner agencies use our funding to generate meaningful results that improve lives and reinforce our communities. Siloam offers comprehensive medical care to vulnerable elderly people in Central Tennessee, taking into account the cultural particularities of the region. This service is available to those without health insurance, many of whom were born abroad. The Mindful Care program provides people over 55 with Alzheimer's and other cognitive disabilities the opportunity to take part in a daytime program of meaningful social and therapeutic activities in a supportive, non-institutionalized environment.

Hearing Aids for Seniors provides financial and professional assistance for the purchase of hearing aids to low-income elderly people in the greater Nashville area. These services are provided in more than 200 congregated settings (such as centers for the elderly or housing for the elderly), as well as to older adults confined to their homes in all 95 counties. Live Music Outreach for Socially Isolated Groups offers music programs to low-income elderly people in nonprofit recreational and care settings. At West End Home Foundation, we understand that aging can bring about a variety of challenges. That is why we are committed to supporting nonprofit organizations that are devoted to addressing these issues.

Our partner agencies provide essential services that help seniors live healthier, more fulfilling lives. We are proud to be part of a movement that is making a difference in the lives of seniors in Nashville, Tennessee and beyond. By investing in nonprofit organizations that are devoted to helping seniors, we are helping to create a brighter future for all.