Collaboration between Nonprofit Organizations, Schools and Universities in Nashville, Tennessee: A Comprehensive Guide

Vanderbilt University recently announced a new collaboration with the nonprofit organization Climate Vault, allowing the university to address its carbon footprint and achieve carbon neutrality much sooner than initially planned. This initiative will remove carbon pollution permits from regulated carbon markets and stimulate research on emerging carbon removal technologies. In fiscal year 2022, PENCIL Partners provided 2,128 10th grade industry visits and 2,090 students from Nashville Metropolitan Public Schools with career exploration experiences. Additionally, at the 12 MNPS academies of Nashville high schools, Partners offers 10th, 11th and 12th grade students knowledge based on work experience through guided tours of the sector, employment information offers and work-based training.

In fiscal year 23, 81,479 MNPS students in 162 schools were able to benefit from classrooms full of teachers. Volunteers and paid professionals provide support in three 30-minute tutoring sessions each week for 12 weeks during the semester for students in reading (first grade) or mathematics (fourth grade). Furthermore, Connected Literacy, a grant from the Tennessee Department of Education facilitated by Pencil and specifically for students from first to third grade, is also available. Vanderbilt is also a large-scale renewable energy leader in the Tennessee Valley region with a bold community partnership with TVA and the Nashville Electric Service for solar energy. This serves as a model for other institutions.

GuideStar worked with BoardSource to create a section dedicated to the country's largest network of businesses, universities and religious organizations that are actively involved in public schools. The city of Nashville is home to many nonprofit organizations, schools and universities that are working together to create a better future for its citizens. Vanderbilt University's collaboration with Climate Vault is an example of how these organizations can come together to tackle climate change. The PENCIL Partners program provides students with career exploration experiences and Connected Literacy grants from the Tennessee Department of Education are helping younger students learn more about their options. Vanderbilt is also leading the way in renewable energy initiatives with its partnership with TVA and Nashville Electric Service.

Finally, GuideStar and BoardSource have created a section dedicated to businesses, universities and religious organizations that are actively involved in public schools. These collaborations between nonprofit organizations, schools and universities in Nashville are helping to create a brighter future for its citizens. By working together, these organizations are able to tackle climate change, provide career exploration experiences for students and promote renewable energy initiatives. Through these collaborations, Nashville is becoming a leader in creating a better future for its citizens.