Mental Health and Wellness in Nashville, Tennessee: A Comprehensive Guide to Mental Health Resources

Mental health and wellness is an essential issue for many people in Nashville, Tennessee. Fortunately, there are a variety of organizations that provide resources to help individuals manage their mental health. The Mental Health Association of Central Tennessee (MHAMT) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that has been providing services to the community for over 60 years. They work to identify mental health needs in Central Tennessee and develop programs to meet those needs.

Additionally, they provide training to staff in schools, hospitals, clinics, jails, and prisons to recognize and respond to warning signs of suicide. NAMI Tennessee is another organization that provides resources for individuals with mental illness. They offer NAMI at Home, which provides information about mental health, mental illness, and coping with mental illness during the coronavirus pandemic. Additionally, they provide updates on mental health topics, online discussion groups, and advocacy opportunities.

The Tennessee Association of Mental Health Organizations (TAMHO) is a state trade association that represents community mental health centers (CMHCs) and other nonprofit corporations that provide behavioral health services. Finally, TN START AST is available in every county in the state and consists of five teams divided into five regions. Organizations like Wellness Youuniversity, Boys & Girls Clubs, GuideStar, MHAMT, NAMI Tennessee, TAMHO, and TN START AST are all dedicated to helping individuals in Nashville access the resources they need to manage their mental health and wellness. With their help, individuals can find the support they need to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.